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Confidence Clinic

Most of us experience loss of confidence on occasions.

Lack of confidence is the most common reason for holding us back – from succeeding in an interview, making presentations, enjoying meeting new people, or networking in business. In short, lack of confidence can stop us making the most of life.

“People say I’ve only got to walk on stage and they laugh.
If only they knew what it takes to walk out on stage in the first place.”

Tommy Cooper, comedian.

It’s well known that speaking in public is one of the most common fears – along with our fear of death and spiders. But nerves, anxiety and stage-fright, affect even the most successful and apparently confident of speakers and performers.

Understanding your nerves:

Nervousness is nervous energy. It is the ‘vital spark’ that helps us perform and behave with passion and dynamism. However, if this energy is misdirected by fear, it can throw our nervous system out of gear. Much of the work I do with clients is based around building personal confidence, learning to control and re-direct this energy, turning it into a positive force.

Our Confidence Clinic articles below will help you build your confidence…

All our coaching programmes and courses will address your personal confidence. We will build on your strengths and give you realistic strategies to apply to your work and life. We are happy to speak with you to see how we can help you overcome your anxieties. See The Confident Presenter or Our Services to give you more of an idea of our approach.

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Confidence Clinic

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