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Harry Potter to the Rescue

Giving a monotone voice more expression re-engages work colleagues, improves customer feedback – and her children loved it too!

Rebecca works for a manufacturing company. She’s technical manager and a bit of anexpert in all things technical. Her job requires her to pass on this knowledge to other non-technical people in the company and to potential clients. So she has a dual role – putting across information and selling the idea to customers.

Feedback from her presentations universally agreed that although Rebecca really knew her stuff, her delivery was too detailed and monotone, making it very difficult for the listeners to remain interested. (Not unusual in the technical arena!)

Our approach

In our sessions we recorded Rebecca speaking her presentation. She was the first to admit she sounded flat and disinterested. So we worked on some easy techniques to change her attitude and increase expressiveness. I also suggested some homework – “Try it out when you read to your children.” “Oh no!” she said. “They don’t like me to read to them– they say I’m boring. I just seem to be the one who shouts at them”.

Like many working parents Rebecca admitted to being in a permanent state of stress – and this was affecting the way she used her voice. Consequently, her voice was having a negative affect on her children. Imagine if they only hearing sharpness and irritation. We worked on ideas for personal calming and vocal relaxation and I encouraged her to read to her children that night – with her new, very expressive delivery style.


The next day – an email from an excited Rebecca. The children loved her new reading style and insisted she finished the book.

So no more shouting when they played her up – just the question “Do you want me to read more Potter tonight or not?”

Needless to say Rebecca’s presentations have been a great deal more interesting too.

By increasing awareness of her own voice Rebecca triggered some important business and life changes. Our voice and the way we speak have a powerful influence over other people, children in particular. By reducing the irritation in her voice, by sounding more interested in them, her children would have felt more relaxed – so their behaviour would have been less challenging.

Win – win!

“Excellent! I absolutely loved it – absolutely great to learn and discover so many things about the voice and the impact of our announcements.”

“Kate is knowledgeable and there was a good balance of theory and practical. She was attentive to detail – feels like a 1-2-1 even with everyone else there.”

Customer Service Teams, Eurostar

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