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Voice Coaching for Coaches

Our Voice Coaching for Coaches and Trainers will give you a greater understanding of the power and influence of the human voice.

It will help you use your voice with more flexibility and give you more choices to benefit your clients and your business role.

The influence of your voice as a coach cannot be overestimated. Your voice-use influences the meaning of what you say by almost 50%. On the phone the influence increases to about 80%. It will impact on your listener’s emotions and their thoughts.


“Kate – it was the best yet! You were fantastic and the delegates loved the session.”

Kim Morgan, Barefoot Coaching


As a coach you have a dual challenge for your voice communication. You need the flexibility for working with a variety of clients, helping them achieve their different outcomes, and you have a business agenda promoting your coaching business. We can help you learn more about your voice and its potential to enhance your coaching and help you win new clients.

Did you know?

Amazingly, how you use your voice will influence the way you look, sit, stand, and behave, as well as influence your thoughts and your choice of words. We will give you new insights into how the voice can give you clues to a person’s emotional state, and how you can use our voice-led coaching to change a person’s state.

Our Voice Coaching for Coaches can include:


  • Learning how the voice works, how to use it, how look after it and make the most of it
  • Finding your authentic voice, your distinctive, most natural voice
  • Learning ways to enrich the quality and resonance of your speaking voice
  • Using your voice with greater flexibility for influencing others
  • Awareness of delivery styles for effective coaching and training work, including the impact of rhythm, pace, pause, pitch and intonation 
  • Giving you insights into how the voice can reveal a person’s state and how to use the voice-led coaching approach to help change a person’s state
  • Learning how listeners listen and what they need from the speaker
  • Influential techniques for optimum voice: breathing, posture, exercises, relaxation work
  • Speaking confidently for selling yourself and networking to build your business brand 

You can download PDF details of course content here
Voice Coaching for Coaches and Trainers PDF


All our work is tailor-made to suit what you would like to get out of the training and we are happy to devise a workshop or presentation for your events.


“Kate – it was the best yet! You were fantastic and the delegates loved session.”

Kim Morgan, Barefoot Coaching


“I believe Kate’s personality (confident, calm, knowledgeable) allowed me to enjoy and take in all the key points in the course. Intensive, perceptive, excellent. Invaluable ideas for working with my team”

Senior manager, Norwich Union/Aviva


“The transformation was incredible, not only did Kate develop my speech but she also taught me skills that helped me manage myself which in turn has enhanced my teams performance and output. A priceless investment now enabling me to reach for new heights. Thank you Kate.”

Project Manager 


“Your voice course was one of the best received curses on our Train the Trainer programme.”

HSBC Training Manager 


“Kate Lee is a wonderful voice coach. As a busy and often stressed journalist, the voice is often the last thing you think about. She made me understand just how important it is, and gave me practical tips to help me improve. Her advice has been invaluable.”

Katie Razzall, Presenter / Reporter Channel 4 News


“Excellent! I absolutely loved it – absolutely great to learn and discover so many things about the voice and its impact. Kate is knowledgeable and there was a good balance of theory and practical. She was attentive to detail – feels like a 1-2-1 even with everyone else there.”

Customer Service Team, Eurostar


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to find out more about how we might help you. 

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