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Public Announcements

Our Voice Coaching for Public Announcements is guaranteed to improve the clarity and effectiveness of all your announcements.


“Excellent! I loved it – absolutely great to learn and discover so many things about the voice and the impact of our announcements.”

Customer Service, Eurostar Int. Ltd.

If announcements through a public address system are a vital part of the running of your business, either to put across information or for safety critical purposes, we can give your announcers the professional skills to make them even more effective. Not only do announcements put across information, they also play a vital part in influencing the atmosphere of your business environment (the soundscape), the behaviour of your customers and their perception of your business.

Our coaching will give your announcers the technical skills to use their voice and delivery more effectively in their use of the PA. They will learn how people listen, which will help them better understand how to deliver information with more clarity and impact.

Our methods are practical, fun and get results. They are about helping announcers acquire a natural, clear, confident delivery style.

Our Voice Coaching for Public Announcements include:

  • Delivery style and voice tonality to attract listeners (friendliness, naturalness, authority, warmth, assertiveness) – to create the right atmosphere for your business
  • Voice techniques to better manage the acoustics for clearer delivery
  • Speaking skills to maximise the clarity of the information (pace, pause, voice pitch) essential for informative or safety critical announcing
  • Tackling any speaking characteristics which may interfere with clarity
  • An understanding of how people listen – useful for structuring information
  • Personal management (confidence, control, calming, breathing, posture) – these all affect our voice and how we sound.


You can download a PDF of course content here
Voice Coaching for Public Announcements PDF


Why use us? Because we have an impressive track record and extensive experience. We have worked for many years with organisations for which the PA system is an integral part of their public-facing or internal communication. Our training has been exceptionally well received by companies including Eurostar, East Midlands Trains, Eurotunnel and Railtrack. Our programmes are equally effective for internal communications in industry.
We can deliver one-to-one coaching or small group training or a mix of both. Our training will be specially designed around what you’d like to get out of it, taking into account the level of experience of your announcers.


“Excellent course leader – extremely personable. Made everyone feel at ease – whatever their level or ability. I am leaving this course with some very useful tips.”

Customer Service, Eurostar Int. Ltd.


“Kate provided training in voice communication for both our customer service managers and our train managers, and overall, more than a hundred managers from Eurostar took part in the programme.
Kate was an absolute pleasure to work with: creative, dedicated, reliable, and a real inspiration to all those who took part in her courses.”

Guy Raybould, Learning & Development, Eurostar International Ltd


“Kate’s experience and friendly approach during voice coaching sessions has encouraged our people to develop new skills and techniques for making public address announcements. Results from our Customer Satisfaction survey confirm the value of these sessions.”

Midland Mainline / East Midland Trains


“Good hints on how to cut through and adapt over the acoustics”

“The best thing was listening to my voice being played back – realising that sounding more authoritative does not sound aggressive but better.”

Announcers, Railtrack Waverley Station Edinburgh


“Excellent! I loved it – absolutely great to learn and discover so many things about the voice and the impact of our announcements.”

Customer Service, Eurostar Int. Ltd.

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