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Business Leaders & Executives

The success of your business depends on how well you communicate and the most powerful form of communication is the spoken word.

Our Voice Coaching for Business Leaders & Executives will help give you the edge in all your business communications.


“I found our session very useful indeed. I have already started to put the voice training into practice and already notice the difference!”

Director, EDF Energy


Have you ever thought you would like to carry more authority or gravitas in a meeting? Perhaps you are aware your speech isn’t always as clear as it could be. Or maybe you are aware that you delivery is monotone and uninteresting. Or too quiet and unassertive. Or even too forced or aggressive.

Our Executive Voice Coaching is designed to help you make the most of your voice and spoken communication in the business context. By learning how to make the most of your voice you will have new skills to apply to your meetings, presentations and business relationships. It will help you raise your personal impact and give you new approaches to achieve more influence and success.

The influence of your voice in business cannot be underestimated. Whether for face-to-face, on the phone, in meetings, selling or speaking in public, we will assess your present communication style and give you new skills to maximize your vocal influence and impact.

Our professional and executive voice coaching can include:

  • Assessing your voice communication and identify the areas you would like to develop
  • Helping you find your natural, authentic voice
  • Learning techniques to help develop your voice: breathing, relaxation and postures as well as exercises for voice range, tonality, resonance and projection
  • Learning techniques to help you speak with improved clarity: articulation, enunciation, pace, pausing, accent reduction
  • Helping you understand how to use your voice to maximum effect to improve the impact of your voice and delivery
  • Using your voice with greater flexibility for influencing others
  • Sounding more confident, interesting and engaging when delivering your business messages

You can download a PDF of course content here
Voice Coaching for Business Leaders & Executives PDF


We have honed our business coaching skills over fifteen years, working with clients from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs, from engineers to professional services.

All our Voice Communication Coaching is tailor-made to serve your business and personal objectives. We deliver one-to-one coaching, group training and workshops, and our niche expertise works well as part of in-house or externally provided management and leadership programmes.


“I would recommend Kate Lee to anyone who wants to improve their voice or presentation – she has received universal acclaim from our corporate clients whose time with her has resulted in improvements, which range from a significant polish to a total transformation.”

Clive Hook, Clearworth: (Programme Director, Leadership, EDF Energy)


“I had reached a plateau in my career and I needed to up my game. My speech and communication skills were holding me back but I failed to see how this could be improved. With some tuition from Kate Lee I learnt to speak with more clarity within just one month. The transformation was incredible, not only did Kate develop my speech but she also taught me skills that helped me manage myself, which in turn has enhanced my teams performance and output. A priceless investment now enabling me to reach for new heights. Thank you Kate.”

Project Manager


“Kate is great. She instantly helped me identify what I needed to do to improve my voice, and how to do it. A delight to work with.”

Keme Nzerem, C4 News


“I spent a day working with Kate. I learnt more in that day than in a year trying to develop myself. I will be definitely booking further sessions.”

Clarke Carlisle, Chairman, Professional Footballers Association


“I found our session very useful indeed and have already started to put the training into practice!”

Director, EDF Energy

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