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Professional Voice Coaching

Our Professional Voice Communication Coaching will help give you the edge in all your spoken communication.

Did you know?

Your voice and the way you speak carries almost 50% of the meaning in all your communication. And on the phone that increases to 80% influence. Just the sound of your voice will determine your friendliness, your confidence, your intention and your credibility.

In our experience most people in business under-use their voice potential. We like to help you understand more about your voice so that you can use it with more skill and flexibility. We will never try to change who you are – just give you more choices.

Kate Lee was a pioneer in introducing professional voice and performance coaching into the business arena some 15 years ago. This experience helps us stand out as one of the foremost providers in this field.

Our Professional Voice Coaching can help you:

  • Use your voice with more flexibility in your business role
  • Sound more authoritative to convey gravitas and credibility
  • Put across information with greater clarity and confidence
  • Help you ‘sell’ yourself with more impact
  • Speak and present with improved projection and expressiveness
  • Build rapport through sounding more friendly
  • Engage your audience with greater vocal variety
  • Manage your breathing, anxiety and confidence when speaking

We offer Voice Coaching Programmes for:

  • Business Leaders & Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Telephone Professionals
  • Public Announcements
  • Teachers
  • Coaches


If your needs don’t fit into any of the above categories we can design a bespoke programme for you.

Why use us?

Kate Lee was a pioneer in introducing professional voice and performance coaching into the business arena some 15 years ago. Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of clients from professional speakers and broadcasters to CEOs and Directors; from sales execs, customer service providers to telephonists and train announcers.

Our expertise lies in having the technical know-how to help you make the changes you want. We know how the voice works, and we understand how people listen, how they process information and how they respond to what they hear. Anyone can tell you to talk more slowly, faster, lower, sound friendlier, etc… we provide the ‘how to’ element.

What our clients say…


“Excellent! I absolutely loved it – great to learn so many things about the voice impact of our announcements”.

C S Team, Eurostar


“I would recommend Kate Lee to anyone who wants to improve their voice or presentation – she has received universal acclaim from our corporate clients whose time with her has resulted in improvements, which range from a significant polish to a total transformation.”

Clive Hook, Clearworth: (Programme Director, Leadership, EDF Energy)


“I found the session very useful indeed and have already started to put the training into practice!”

Senior Manager, EDF ENERGY


“…I learnt more in my one day with Kate than in a year of developing myself. I will definitely be booking further sessions.”

Clarke Carlisle, Chairman, Professional Footballers Association

“Kate Lee is a wonderful voice coach. Her advice has been invaluable.”

Katie Razzall, Presenter, Channel 4 News

“Kate’s voice day was really useful, one of the best training days we’ve had.”

Trainer, HSBC


Call us on +44 (0)1332 727305 or contact us

to find out more about how we might help you. 

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