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Speaker Training

Our Speaker Training Course will give you give you the skills to confidently deliver memorable speeches and the know-how to engage your audience.

No matter what the content of a speech they all have one thing in common. They are being presented to an audience.

Understanding how to influence your audience and knowing how to make them think and feel what you want them to think and feel – is the key to speaking success. Whether you’re talking facts and figures or wanting to motivate and inspire – managing your audience’s thoughts and feeling is your main task.

With over twenty years experience working with audiences as professional actors and fifteen years coaching business, conference and public speakers, we will guide you through professional techniques for planning, devising, rehearsing and delivering a successful speech.

Our Speaker Training will give you skills including:

You and Your Delivery

  • Develop a distinctive, individual speaking style
  • Practising stage presence, body language, movement and platform skills
  • Using your voice with variety and impact: projection, authority, pitch, pace and pausing
  • Personal management: breathing, managing nerves and anxiety, confidence techniques
  • You and Your Content
  • Structuring techniques and the use of hooks and other devices
  • The power of story telling
  • Using multi-media/visual aids/Power Point/audio to enhance your speech
  • Quick preparation techniques, memory aids and rehearsal tips
  • Script advice for formal occassions / looking at great speeches
  • Creative ideas for memorable, compelling messages

You and Your Audience

  • Audience psychology – how to manage their thoughts and feelings. 
  • Managing different sized audiences
  • Strategies for building audience rapport
  • Confidently handling questions and managing tricky people


Kate Lee has extensive experience developing the communication skills of senior managers and leaders. She will design with you a tailor-made programme to help you get the results you want. This may be one session or an agreed series of sessions. We deliver group training, workshops and one-to-one coaching. Our niche expertise works well built into in-house or externally provided management and leadership programmes.


What our clients say…


“We regularly have to give presentations on highly complex and technical business issues. Kate devised an excellent training programme to enhance the skills of our presenters so that they can import information in a lively and entertaining manner to gain the best level of audience attention”.

Tenon Group, Accountants


“Whilst at Talis, Kate provided professional coaching to myself and over 20 colleagues to improve our annual Conference presentations. Kate delivered an exceptional service to us as a business but more importantly, she delivered tailored coaching programmes for each of us as individuals. The impact was phenomenal: from top class presentation styles to persuasive communication skills.”

Ceri McCall, Head of Marketing, Talis


“Kate has received universal acclaim from our corporate clients whose time with her has resulted in improvements which range from a significant polish to a total transformation. Even managerial promotions have been credited to the fact that Kate helped them make their presentation memorable and meaningful.”

Clive Hook, Clearworth, Director EDF Energy Leadership


“Kate has worked with a large number of my clients, from president and vice president to project manager and senior engineer over the last five years. She has a unique ability to establish trust and rapport with all types of people, enabling them to identify how they come across, and more importantly, how they can change the impact they have.”

Chris Taylor Consultancy, Bombardier Leadership Programme


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