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Personal Impact for Business Women

Our Personal Impact for Women in Business will help you make the most of your authentic presence and will empower you to present and communicate with more confidence.

Women are known to be outstanding at networking, innovation and building strong relationships. However, within most organisations, many women face challenges arising from issues around personal impact, confidence and self-presentation.

Our Personal Impact Course for Business Women will tackle perceived lack of confidence and unassertive behaviours, which are a common block for women in business. On the basis that our behaviour influences the response we get, we explore those behaviours which can usefully help you look and feel more confident. We often use techniques used by professional performers, which can be powerful for unblocking old habits and releasing new behaviours.

Why women only? The presence of women-only creates an atmosphere of openness where different issues are shared and guards are lowered. Previous participants have said they have benefited hugely from this safe atmosphere where they can try out new behaviours. We in no way encourage an ‘anti-men’ approach, we focus solely on maximising women’s business impact.

Our Personal Impact for Women in Business course will include:

  • Personal Business Image: Establishing how you want to come across to others (voice, body language, attitudes, impact, postures, dress etc.).
  • Vocal Impact: Voice development work will essentially be about finding your ‘optimum’ or authentic voice. You will learn skills to use your voice and spoken delivery in a style that maximises your natural range and character. We will include projection, pitch, resonance, breathing and speaking with impact for different situations.
  • Confidence and assertiveness: We address the behaviours that influence our thoughts and feelings (voice, body language, centredness, attitudes, personal control, speaking style) and work with them on an individual level.
  • Handling ‘gender’ behaviour: On an everyday level, either within organisations or as an entrepreneur, how we are treated can have an overwhelming effect on our professional performance. Without taking an ‘anti-man’ attitude we will share ideas and look at how realistically to manage gender status.


The course will enable you to:

  • Play to your personal impact strengths through increased self-awareness
  • Create a personal image to raise your presence and influence
  • Use your voice with easy flexibility, projection and authenticity
  • Speak and present with more confidence and directness
  • Lead, manage and network more effectively through raised personal presence


You can download a PDF for details of course content here
Personal Impact for Women PDF


Read a good article with interesting stats @ ‘Are Women their Own Worst Enemies?’ - it examines how many women there are in which top jobs in different fields of work, and where there are very few, if any.

Kate Lee has extensive experience developing people’s personal impact, particularly working with senior managers and leaders. She will design with you a tailor-made programme to help you get the results you want. This may be one session or an agreed series of sessions. We deliver group training, workshops and one-to-one coaching.

Our niche expertise works well built into in-house or externally provided management and leadership programmes.


”I personally received coaching from Kate at an important point in my career which helped me successfully transition into Senior Management. I would recommend Kate 100%: her professional approach, empathy and insight into people undoubtedly accelerated our professional development.”

Woman in Business – Head of Marketing, Ceri McCall, Talis


Tuesday has changed the whole way I’m now looking at things, including a meeting I had yesterday – and had great results.”

Woman in Business – Finance Director


“Using my more projected voice I feel so much more empowered in meetings.”

Woman in Business – Chief Executive, Regional Tourist Board


“Communication training with Kate was an enjoyable experience and has given me more confidence to communicate effectively in a wide range of situations and with a variety of people, within both a working and personal environment. My natural tendency to try and avoid difficult situations has been replaced with a confidence to deal with those situations as and when they arise and in a more appropriate way.”

Woman in Business – Senior Financial Director

“Kate has a unique ability to establish trust and rapport with all types of people, enabling them to identify how they come across, and more importantly, how they can change the impact they have.”

Chris Taylor Consultancy, Bombardier Leadership Programme

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