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Our Voice Coaching for Television Broadcasters

is guaranteed to raise the on-air impact, presence and authority of television presenters, reporters and newsreaders.

Kate Lee is one of the most experienced broadcast voice coaches in the industry. She has worked with hundreds of broadcasters from Capital FM, Talksport, and Classic fm to ITN, ITV and Channel 4 News, from BBC TV and radio to independent stations nationwide, from new talent to foreign correspondents, from local reporters to the main evening news presenters.

Our success lies in Kate’s experience and expertise – in particular her special talent as a performance coach, backed up by many years as a practitioner working with media audiences and her training as a voice coach. With an impressive array of testimonials from the UK broadcast industry – she understands the pressures of working to broadcast deadlines and has designed practical ways to help broadcasters achieve a natural, confident broadcast voice performance.


“ Kate Lee is a wonderful voice coach…she gave me practical tips to help me improve. Her advice has been invaluable.”

Katie Razzall, Presenter / Reporter Channel 4 News


Our Voice Coaching for Television Broadcasters can include the following:

  • Achieve on-air presence and a natural delivery style to suit the station. Establishing the right pace, pause, tone and expression
  • Help develop broadcaster’s authentic voice – range, tone, resonance etc. including how to project without ‘shouting’. Improving on-air delivery for authority, friendliness, personality etc.
  • Tackling individual issues, for instance, lowering pitch, nasality, lack of clarity, pace problems, enunciation/pronunciation etc.
  • In-vision presentation style: Useful performance techniques including breathing, relaxation and postures, plus ideas for warm-ups, confidence building and personal management 
  • OOV voice-overs: Ways to read and deliver scripts to sound natural in a style to match the on-screen vision
  • On-line v/os: Considering a slightly different approach – to capture the attention of the browser
  • Studio presenters: How to achieve personal impact and on-air presence. Learning techniques of body-use/ language, facial expression and postures used by professional performers to achieve a relaxed looking, and energised presentation.
  • News presenters/reporters: Script reading skills and reporter delivery to achieve the right balance of authority and friendliness, gravitas and entertainment - to engage the viewer.


“Kate is great. She instantly helped me identify what I needed to do to improve my voice, and how to do it. A delight to work with.”

Keme Nzerem C4 News


“Brilliant feedback, thanks again Kate.”

BBC Editor Regional Radio


“I just wanted to put on record my thanks for allowing me to take part in the voice training sessions last week. This was the third time I have taken part in such sessions and Kate was by far the best. The tips she gave me were so different to anything I have ever been told and I already feel much more comfortable when reading bulletins.”

BBC Regional News Presenter


“Kate Lee is a wonderful voice coach. As a busy and often stressed journalist, the voice is often the last thing you think about. She made me understand just how important it is, and gave me practical tips to help me improve. Her advice has been invaluable.”

Katie Razzall, Presenter / Reporter Channel 4 News


“Great work Kate – our people really appreciate the work you do with them. It has really made a difference.”

News Editor, Regional ITV


Call us on +44 (0)1332 727305 or contact us

to find out more about how we might help you. 

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